Blogging tips that will change your life completely

Blogging tips

Blogging tips across the writing industry vary, but the skills required never change. Blogging can be challenging if no good research is conducted to grasp legit skills or the necessary help to create, launch and manage a blog site. Anyone who can read and write, and has ability to use the internet can start a blog, and grow it to become a successful blogging website.

Blogging tips for beginners

Having the necessary blogging tips as a beginner would increase the chances of succeeding in creating a blog that will change your life completely. Different niches have different potential. We recommend researching well, and going a mile further to consult those who have been in the industry for long to help you identify the niche that sells best. Advertisers and affiliates need to see sensible content hat attracts as many visitors as possible. Sustainability of the idea is also paramount to give businesses the confidence to place their ads in your blog. Having the best blogging tips is an essential that will help to demonstrate your ability to plan, write and present your content to readers in the most professional way possible. By the way, before you finish reading this article, you will have the you’re reading the right blog post.

There are many reasons why you need to have a blog of your own, and manage it successfully. If you are not sure why you should do it and how you should it, this blog post gives some pensive tips to revolutionize the way you blog.

Why should you have a blog?

  1. Share your knowledge with the rest of the world

There are many bloggers who blog for different reasons, but one inescapable purpose of starting and managing a blog is to share what you know about a particular topic with your target audience.

A blog is a personal or professional multimedia platform to educate, influence, entertain, guide or change people and the world through knowledge and information sharing.

When choosing the niche for your blog, ensure that you are not only passionate about the topic specialization but also knowledgeable about it, either through experience or education.

You cannot share knowledge that you do not have. If for a moment your audience notices erroneous or misguided information on your blog site, you risk losing them forever, and with a ripple effect.

  1. Earn money from your passion

Some bloggers can make up to $100k per month through their blogs. However, do not be quick to get overexcited over the prospects of making huge cash via blogging. It takes a lot of hard work, and patience to make money via your blog.

Tips on how to make money via your blog

Affiliate marketing

If you market other people’s products on your blog, you earn a commission from every sale the products’ owner makes.

As the person marketing the product on your site, you are the affiliate contributing to the sales of the seller’s products, who will in turn give you a slice of their profit from the sales they make.

Some affiliate marketing programs you can join include:

Bloggers design online courses and eBooks and sell them via their blogs. Others sell unique photos and videos. You can monetize your blog by exploring any of the digital products that you are passionate about.


Adverts have become a huge contributor to bloggers’ revenue. By signing up to a Google Adsense account, Google can directly place ads on your blog and earn some money per clicks and conversions.

If you have a large following on your blog, you can also negotiate directly with corporate organizations and other firms for ads placement on your blog.

Meet and share with your peers

Irrespective of the niche you choose to specialize in, there are other bloggers and experts who have ventured into it for personal, economic or professional reasons. The thing you need is the blogging tips that work for that particular area.

Blogging can be a way of meeting and exchanging with individuals who share your interests and passions.

Among your readers and fellow bloggers, a section of them will be of like-mind and can become friends and even partners in life.

Fulfill your dreams

Blogging has helped many people become confident, rich and more knowledgeable.

If your goal is to develop your knowledge about a particular field, blogging in that area helps you fine-tune your know-how and remain updated of the trends in that field or niche.

Offer help to other people

Your passion, knowledge and skills can help those who may not have such endowments. For instance, a health blog can improve nutritional decisions for individuals.

A fashion blog can enhance individuals’ dressing and fashion choices.

A lifestyle blog has the potential to help people make better lifestyle decisions and live healthy lives.

A personal finance blog like can help you save and spend wisely while earning money from multiple sources.

After all, you audience is supposed to derive value from reading your blog. If your blog does not add any utility to the reader, then it is useless.

How to launch a blog

Having learned why you should have your own blog, in this section you get to acquire tips on how to launch your own blog that will change your life completely.

Despite many people wanting to have a blog, they have no idea where to start. They have a good reason, yes, but the process of starting off becomes tremendously difficult.

Here are several tips to launching a blog that can help you own a successful site that fulfills your specific goal for blogging.

Know what you are passionate about

Blogging about something you do not like or you you do not have the correct blogging tips about the niche can make you run out of ideas so fast. Your passion elicits creativity and innovation in running your blog, but most importantly it motivates you to blog and makes your site competitive and successful.

Many blogs have failed because bloggers chose to write about topics they are not passionate about the niche and they lack the necessary blogging tips.

Do not follow the hype. Some armature blogging experts will lie to you that some niches will earn you money more than others. The question is: How sustainable can your blog be if you find what you are doing dull and boring?

Doing what you do not like will eventually lead to you giving up out of boredom.

Learn about your audience

Before you decide to start your own blog, study your target audience ans assess the blogging tips you aware aware of before you go ahead to start. Your intended readers are your market. Like in any business, blogging requires that you not only know your audience but also be sure of what they want.

Your blog content will reflect what the reader wants to consume. A mismatch of the content and what the reader wants will disintegrate the following of your blog.

For bloggers who intend to make money using their site, it is vital to treat your audience as customers who have needs that as a blogger you must satisfy.

Therefore, while you are doing what you are passionate about, you should do so while satisfying the needs of the customers, or your blog visitors.

Ensure you offer you customers (blog visitors) something other bloggers are not offering. Your content should be unique and satisfy an unsatisfied need.

Like in any business, some of the factors that can make your blog stand out to readers include quality, variety, availability, easy accessibility, speed, inventiveness, creativity, and differentiation.

Study your competitor bloggers

Blogging is also competitive and it requires expert mastery of the necessary blogging tips to succeed. Irrespective of what niche you venture in, there are other bloggers who have been in the market before you and they have a following.

It is essential that you know what they are doing and how they are doing it. Launching a blog without knowing who you are competing with is like starting a business without studying the market to know what similar and substitute products other firms are offering.

Differentiating yourself from the rest of the bloggers in your niche requires that you to do in-depth research other bloggers’ works.

The way to launch a successful blog is to have your own unique blogging tips that are superior that your competitors’ strategies for you to produce hybrid content.

It is hard to compete with a person or blog that you do not know or do not understand.

While you explore new ways to attract a following to your blog, some of your followers will come from other blogs in your niche, if you offer them what they are not getting from your competitors.

Nevertheless, make sure you publish your own ideas. Plagiarizing other people’s ideas degrades your blog.

Research of what other bloggers are publishing can serve as an inspiration to come up with new ideas.

To know what kind of posts are trending, there are several tools to find out which topics are popular. They include:

Join a community of bloggers in your niche to gain quality blogging tips

Before launching a blog, you need to connect with other bloggers who specialize in your niche to learn from them and discover the topics that are popular in their blogs.

It is not enough to just read their blogs since they do not provide the key blogging tips. Building friendships with them, following them on social media, commenting on their blog posts and keeping in contact with them will help you learn a lot about your niche and strategies to promote your blog.

There exist also social media groups of bloggers in various niches. Research about them and join. Participate in their conversations about blogging, topics, trends and changes experienced in their blogs.

The knowledge and skills gathered from such networks will help you launch your blog properly and smoothly build a following without delay.

It is not easy to launch and manage a successful blog if you remain green. Trial and error will take you longer to understand blogging than when you launch a blog when you already have friends to guide you or people to learn from.

Out of the community of bloggers in your niche, you will get some to collaborate with in your journey into blogging.

Many bloggers are friendly and willing to collaborate. Nevertheless, if you encounter some who are not friendly, that’s also cool. You can always work with the willing ones.

Make sure you remain open-minded, courteous and genuine in your approach to the blogging community.

Find a mentor

Blogging tips that will guarantee you a successful blogging career can be gained from other professions especially from those more experienced than you, who will guide you from the novice stage till you attain the expert status.

If you are not willing to learn from another person, you are not ready to grow as a blogger.

Ensure that the person you choose as your mentor understands what you do; he or she is doing it and is well experienced in your niche.

An inexperienced mentor is no mentor. You do not need someone who will slow you down to be the person you look up to when you need help.

Besides, the person you choose as your mentor should have time for you when you need their help. Your mentor should be a person worth your trust.

Your success is hinged on the knowledge you acquire from your mentor and other collaborators as well as your ability to research.

Successful bloggers attribute their exemplary performance to their hard work and the contributions of their mentors, friends and collaborators.

Tips on creating a blog launch strategy

Starting a blog is like launching a new product into the market and having the necessary blogging tips is paramount. It requires a strategic plan that helps you penetrate the market.

Without a good strategy, it is likely that your launch will be a failure and slow down the growth of your site.

Preparing a plan before the launch of the blog helps a blogger start and achieve the right momentum right from the launch of the blog.

Some of the tips to launching a blog that will change your life completely include:

Be strategic

Reach out to your audience before the launch. Learn from other bloggers. There are more ideas that have been implemented by other bloggers in your niche and beyond that are relevant to your launch.

Spend time creating messages for your prospective readers. These messages will attract the right attention before the launch.

The messages can be published on social media in readiness of the launch.

Create a sensation and hype on social media

Getting the attention of the target market is important before launching a blog. Your audience needs to know that something big is coming and that that something is your blog.

Prepare your target readers psychologically to embrace your blog in advance.

Building a social media presence prior to the launch helps bloggers hype their blog and capture the attention of the market early enough is another blogging tip you should master.

The shared messages can be sneak peeks of your content or what you are working behind the scenes. Entice the target audience to be enthusiastic about your upcoming launch and blog.

Some bloggers also create incentives such as freebies that they give away to target readers in advance in return for their emails.

Building an email list before the launch will help a blogger marshal a following before the blog goes live.

Social media helps bloggers go overboard in their outreach before the launch.

Create tweets, YouTube videos, Facebook promotions, Pinterest pins and other social media marketing strategies to grow the blog’s following before it is launched. It is a way of building ‘superfans’ early enough.

Develop multimedia promotions

Different members of the target audience are interested in different media. Some enjoy text, other graphics and some are interested in videos.

Do not overemphasize in one medium and sideline another.

Include videos, text and graphics in your promotions.

Ensure the quality of you text, audios, videos and photography is excellent. Blurred images do not grasp the attention that you need before launching the blog.

A multimedia approach to pre-launch promotions builds an all-inclusive audience.

Many bloggers have made a mistake of using images exclusively in their promotions. Short videos are know n to elicit a lot of hype especially they are informative and entertaining.

Build a satisfied and ready com

Join Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Many bloggers are members of Facebook and LinkedIn groups in their respective niches, ant it is one of the blogging tips that few will tell you in their courses. Joining a couple of groups that are relevant to your niche helps you connect and collaborate with other bloggers right before you launch your blog.

Ensure you are active, interactive and connecting in the groups. Comment and share content.

You can also announce your launch in the groups.

Social media groups are important promotion platforms that as a new blogger you cannot afford to ignore.

Join the community that is relevant to you and grow your following before you launch your blog.

Review your content for the last time before the launch

Before launching a blog, you have already prepared several posts that will be your initial content and from which you will grow your blog.

It is essential to check whether the content has any mistakes that you may have missed in previous edits.

Reviewing the blog posts before your blog goes live ensures that your content is well refined, and updated to create value for your targeted readers.

If your audience find your blog with erroneous content right from the beginning, the authenticity and credibility will start dwindling right from the start, making it difficult for you to grow.

Take your time to go through all the pre-launch blog posts. Let another person go through them as well to establish if there is some angling or mistakes that went unnoticed.

The higher the quality of your initial blog posts the more trust your followers will have on your abilities and content.

Therefore, make sure all the facts are up-to-date before the launch.

Do not feel bored for reading your posts over and over again because rereading and reviewing are routine chores in blogging.

Brand positioning strategy for your blog

Blogs have been used by many companies to create and spread brand messages for products and the organization.

However, a blog, to a blogger, is also a product that needs branding that is identifiable by and with the audience. A blog that does not have a strong brand will hardly get significant following.

Branding your blog requires thorough research to identify and test various elements of branding such as colors, themes, styles, and fonts among other branding ingredients.

This section provides you with blogging tips that will help you brand your blog and change your life completely as a blogger.

Naming your blog

The choice of the name for your blog is very important to the branding of the content you will feed afterward, and that is on the blogging tips that yous should master as blogger. You need a name that is easy to remember for your followers.

Ensure you keep your name short. A 2-3 words name is the most effective choice for your brand. Beyond that, your blog name becomes a sentence rather than a name.

For instance our blog name has three names “the”, “revenue” and “post” to form the blog name “The Revenue Post” addressed as therevenuepost.

Choose a simple name. Complicated names are hard to remember. They can also confuse the audience as they do a search on the web.

It is also advisable to choose a name that is closely related to the niche or topic that you will specialize in. The blog name should give the audience a hint of what kind of content or information they are likely to find on your blog.

For instance, this blog’s name, The Revenue Post, hints that the blog is about finance, making money, spending money, investment and other issues related to “revenue”.

Ensure that your blog name does not have any typos. Longer names are more likely to have typos than short names.

Choose an easy to remember address

A memorable blog site address is as important as the name of your blog when it comes to branding your blog.

When using the internet, the URL for your blog is far more important to the audience than the name of your blog.

A good address includes the blog name as the domain name with suffixes such as .com, .org, .uk, .us, .au, etc., depending on the target audience.

A blog that targets readers across the globe will be more appealing with a .com suffix than a .uk suffix.

Once you come up with a name, check whether the domain name is available.

Some sites to check whether your intended domain name is available include:

If the domain name search results show that your domain name is available, you can go ahead and buy it in readiness for use.

Acquire your domain name early enough. People are continuously buying domain names. The longer you wait, the higher the chances that someone else will buy a domain name that is best for your blog.

Create a tagline for your blog

A tagline is insightful description of what your blog is about which highlights the personality of your blog to the reader.

It briefly gives the audience a snippet of what kind of content the blog has and which is highly essential in the branding of your blog.

The best way to give your blog a tagline is to choose keywords that illuminate the blog’s focus.

By giving your blog a tagline, by pointing at the URL, the reader can tell what kind of information your blog provides.

If your blog is about lifestyle, the tagline will highlight such information.

For instance, this blogs tagline includes “Fresh and Authentic tips on how to make money”.

The tagline can be updated over and over again to reflect the progress of the blog. A blogger can introduce new keywords on the tagline to reflect the changes in the content.

The tagline is a dynamic branding element unlike the domain name and the blog name that are rigid.

Choose a unique theme for your blog

A theme is the overall architecture of your blog. The blog’s theme is the underlying basic structure that determines how you present your blog content to the reader.

The location and the use of each column are determined by the theme that the blogger selects for the blogger.

The blog’s theme is the foundation of the position of every element of the blog including the blog name, graphics, comment boxes, blog posts, links, etc.

Some blog themes are free while others have a price tag. You can buy the theme that you like and use it on your blog.

You can acquire a theme from any of the following sites:

Ensure to customize your blog theme elements to fit your intended brand. Your theme should not look like any other WordPress theme out there.

Customization of your theme ensures that it is unique and reflects the personality of your blog.

The choice of theme should be depict the purpose of your blog. A theme for a health blog is different from an outdoor photography blog.

Select a color palette for your blog

One of the most important elements of branding a blog is color. Colors can either attract or repel blog visitors.

The choice of color can increase the size of your audience or diminish it.

Furthermore, the identity or brand of your blog is hinged on the combination of colors that the blogger selects.

Ensure you limit your color palette to two-three colors. Be mindful of how your readers will react or respond to the colors. Do not choose repulsive colors.

Moreover, make sure the colors reflect the personality of your blog. For example, this blog uses golden yellow, black and white as the dominant colors.

The golden yellow color reflects personality of the blog. Gold can connote money, which is the underlying focus of our blog: Help you make money.

Remember: Readers can skip from one page or from one blog to another because the color of your pages or the overall blog scared them away.

The combination of colors selected should also cohesively fit into one another. Some color schemes may not “marry” with one another. Black and white fit into one another. Green and blue may not be as integrative.

Determine the blogging tips for the blog’s typeface

Font type and size are important in branding your blog. Font type and size determine whether the readers will be drawn to or repelled by your content.

Further, not all typefaces are readable by all devices. Choose typefaces that are compatible with all devices that the potential audience will use to access your blog.

Make sure to use minimal typefaces in your blog. Numerous typefaces will make your blog look disorganized to the audience.

There are several typefaces at your disposal. Experiment with as many as possible before launching your blog.

If possible, find a mock audience and let them review the typefaces you have used. Their comments will help you make adjustments and choose the best variations.

Create unique graphics and visual cues for your blog

Graphics beautify your blog. Readers not only appreciate the creativity involved in preparing the graphics but also identify with a blog that has graphics that reflect their preferences and needs.

Some graphics can be repulsive to potential readers. The icons, backgrounds and elements require careful design.

You do not need to employ expensive graphic designs on your blog. There are low cost designs online that will allow you to create a blog that depict a unique identity and form.

Experiment with many graphics to find the most suitable for your brand.

Establish guidelines for photographs and other media formats.

You can decide to use either black and white or colored images on your blog.

Besides, you can determine whether each image will have a caption. Text wrap on images is also established at this stage.

It is essential to decide whether images can be used as links to various texts on the blog.

Moreover, a blogger must decide in advance whether or not they will use videos and animations among other media forms.

You must also decide which photograph and video formats will be relevant to your blog.

Wrap up

How you create, launch, brand and manage a blog determines how successful you will be. A failure in branding will affect how much following your blog gains.

Many bloggers have made mistakes during the launch of their blog, mistakes that stalled their blogs and sometimes led to closure.

This post has given you numerous tips to a blog that will change your life completely as a blogger.

You have the potential to run a successful blogger if you are willing to learn.