Ways to make money as a teen: Fast and Easy

Ways to make money as teen

There are many ways to make money as a teen. All you need is an internet, and be tech savvy to find a job online. I understand making money as a teen is not easy, but the technology has made it easy. It was boring to keep bothering parents asking for pocket money. So, why not read this article and find some interesting ways to make money that fit your skills?

List of Ways to make money as a teen

  1. Become a golf caddy

Become a golf caddyAs a teen, it is easier to get your first job on a golf course. Private and public golf clubs often have opportunities for teens to work as gold caddies and ear money. As a golf caddy, the job entails carrying the golf player’s bag and clubs around the golf course.

To qualify as a golf caddy, a teenager needs to either have knowledge of the golf game or have the willingness to learn.

The caddy job is an easy task, and golf players often tip their gold caddies pretty well. In a week, a teen working as a golf caddy can earn up to $1000.

  1. Call center representative

Call center representativeTeenagers can earn money as call center representatives during their free time. The job requires 16 years and above individuals.

The job entails:

          • Scheduling appointments
          • Providing product information
          • Answering customer service questions

Companies in need of call center representatives always train their potential employees on the specifics of the job, either physically or through online training sessions.

A teenager considering the call center representative should possess qualities of politeness and the tendency to interact with other people. You can easily earn between $9 and $14 an hour with this job.

  1. Play paid online games

Teenagers can make money by searching the internet and perform tasks. Today, the internet is flooded with sites where teens can search the internet; earn points that can be converted into gift cards or cash.

Websites you can get paid to play games:

Other tasks include:

                • Playing games
                • Online shopping
                • Watching videos
                • Taking part in surveys

Teens can join sites such as Swagbucks free, complete the provided tasks, and make money easily and quickly. With this job, a teen can earn between $8 and $20 an hour easily.

  1. Take surveys

One of the easiest and quickest ways for a teenager to make money is by engaging in surveys. Surveys require you to share your opinion about a product or service.

When choosing such a job, go for the high paying ones to make money easily and quickly. One only needs to sign up on the specific company’s sight, complete tasks, and earn money.

However, be careful with the type of survey job you choose because some may end up as a fraud. Considering you can take part in several surveys in a day, you can easily earn up to $20.

  1. Painting

Around the neighborhood or city, there exist individuals who require the painting of either interiors or exteriors. Others have fences or gates that require recoating. A teenager can make quick and easy money through painting activities. For painting services, a teenager can paint the interiors of a house or building or exteriors such as wooden fences.

However, this job requires some research on the types of paints fit for the specific surface. A painting job can earn you approximately $20 an hour for an exemplary job.

  1. Pet sitting

Pet sitting is another easy job that a teenager can engage in and make money quickly. Individuals often require pet care while either at work or away from home.

Pet sitting can take place at the pet owner’s home or the teen’s home, with the parents’ permission. Other pets such as fish require check-in specific times in a day. The type of care depends on the kind of pet.

  1. Yardwork

Teenagers can engage in yard work and maintenance to earn money easily and quickly. There are people within your neighborhood who require their yards to looks clean and kempt but lack the time. Yard work that can earn you money may include:

          • Cutting laws
          • Shoveling snow
          • Raking leaves
          • Trimming hedges
          • Landscaping

Such tasks require a teenager who does not mind getting his or her hands dirty. Individuals who require yard maintenance services highly prefer service providers from the neighborhood. Depending on the task, a yard maintenance task can fetch between $9 and $40 an hour.

  1. Rent out your video games

Video games are one of the highly-priced items. Many people love to play games but may lack the money to buy personal video games but prefer renting out some.

You can take up the challenge to close the gap and solve the problem by renting out your video games for each new release and get money in the process.

As a teenager, you can join Facebook groups, meet up groups for fellow gamers, and sell your business there. You will be surprised how many people are willing to rent your video games for each new release.

Websites where you can rent out your games:

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  1. Paper route services

Providing paper route services is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn money as a teenager. The job entails either Newspaper or mail deliveries.

You can check up with the local newspaper company and ask if they have paper routes in your area or require such services. Some companies also need mail deliveries to either offices or homes, which you can comfortably do with a stipulated timeline.

However, this job requires a flexible schedule and the proper planning of your timeline. Depending on the deliveries you make in a week, you can earn between $150 and $500 weekly.

  1. Babysitting

Individuals widely practice armature babysitting across the globe and get paid for the job. There are concerned parents around your neighborhood that require babysitting services and are willing to pay for the same.

However, getting such a job without a license involves rigorous background checks for verification services. You can sign up with sites that offer such services, such as care.com, and pick up a job depending on your schedule.

You can babysit during weekends, at night, or during summer. Approximately a teenager can earn as little as $10 an hour for babysitting services.

You can provide your babysitting services on nights and weekends during the school year. During the summer, you could offer to nanny while parents are at work and kids are out of school.

  1. Foreign language tutor

As a teen, you may have had an opportunity to learn foreign languages and become a pro in various styles. Such skills and knowledge is an opportunity which you can explore and earn quick money through tutoring parties interested in a specific language.

For example, if someone wishes to visit a country like Spain and wishes to have basic knowledge in the Spanish language, it can be an opportunity for you. Such tutoring can be either for a group or an individual who has interests in a specific language.

  1. Delivering newspapers

Another easy and fast way to make money as a teen is through delivering newspapers to people’s doorsteps for pay. Since you have free time, especially before landing an official job, you can sacrifice to wake up early and deliver the papers to respective clients.

All you need to do is contact your local paper and ask for the job to deliver such newspapers around your neighborhood. The more newspapers you provide, the more you can earn; hence the amount received per day depends on your versatility.

  1. Music reviews

As a teen, you can make money easy and fast through music reviews. All you need to do is listen to music for an artist in different platforms such as YouTube, and give an exam then you earn. For music lovers, this could be an additional motivation rather than just listening to music without any pay.

Different websites contain music allowing listeners to get paid whenever they review the music content such as Beats and Tango, among others. Just go online, look for a suitable website, listen to music, and consider it as directed and start earning.

  1. Selling old stuff

As you grow older in your teenage days, there is some stuff you find that you do not need anymore. Such material can be valuable hence a way of making easy and fast money. Things like clothes that do not fit you anymore, shoes, small bicycles among other stuff can be a source of good money when sold.

There are different sites such as ThredUp, where you can contact the staff and sell to the items which you no longer need them.

  1. Work in a movie theatre

Do you fancy movies and frequent at movie theatres to catch up with the newest film in town? You can convert this into earning. Some movie theatres do not have permanent employees and look for casuals to sell tickets. Since you have time to watch the movie you are the ticket to the sale for, it can be an easy way to make money as a teen.

Additionally, this gig is a classic one and fun since the people you will be interacting with are mostly teenagers like you.

  1. Fiverr account

As a teenager, you might have acquired specific skills such as computer-related works. Through such skills, you can make money by performing small tasks like managing a YouTube channel, Blog, website creation, among other tasks.

The idea here is to do many jobs while at the comfort of your house and make money in an easy and fast way. Through platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or freelance.com, one can get clients all over and be sure of the payment through the platform.

  1. Blogging

As a teen, you can do blogging as a full-time business or a hobby.  The starting point is choosing a topic of interest. You should pick an issue that they are passionate about. Something that arouses the attention of your readers will do well for your blog. make $500 – $2,000 per month.

  1. Life guarding

You can choose to be a rescuer and supervise the safety of various groups of people who include swimmers and surfers who operate in swimming pools, beaches, rivers, spas, or water parks.

You can do well in this job if you trained in swimming and are conversant with first aid techniques. Your main work is the safety of people in the area of water and the environment adjacent to it. One can pocket about $12 per hour, a reasonable sum for such an exciting undertaking.

  1. Washing cars

It is easy for a teen to make money by working in a facility that specializes in cleaning the exterior and interior of motor vehicles. There are people within your neighborhood in dire need of this service. Reaching out for them can give you the chance to pocket some cash.

You only need Shady work-area, car wash soap, a hose, large buckets, wash mitts, and a towel or microfiber. Equipped with these items, you are set to task. From washing cars, you can pocket up to a tune of $1300 per month.

  1. Teaching computer basics to older folk

You can generate substantial income from this adventure. We are living in a technological world that is rapidly experiencing technological changes. The new technological changes make it difficult for older forks that are majorly conversant with older ways of doing things.

You can teach such folks skills, which include Word Processing Skills, Spreadsheet Skills, Database Management Skills, Electronic Presentation Skills, Internet Navigation Skills, and Email Management Skills. On average, you can generate about $ 6000 per month.

  1. Become YouTuber

You can develop a YouTube channel that can help you make money. You upload content that interests people who become your subscribers. Through the channel, you can link with other entities that can advertise their products through your channel.

The higher the number of subscribers and views, the more thee income. It would be best if you were active in soliciting content that meets your subscriber’s needs. With an excellent YouTube channel, you can easily pocket about $18 per 1,000 ad views.

  1. Helping the elderly

In your neighborhood, several elderly people live alone and may require services for basic house chores. As a teenager, you can use such opportunities to earn money by undertaking such tasks for pay. Since the functions are not many, one can work for several households that have such older adults.

Some are under different care supported by various entities such as the government or NGOs. As a teenager, one can feel gaps for those who lack assistants and make good money.

  1. Tutoring

If you have prowess in a particular field such as computer, mathematics, or sciences, you can use such skills to teach your minors at a fee. For example, a high school graduate can help elementary kids with solving the underlying problem in mathematics for pay.

  1. Video editing

People are moving to digital platforms where they require content in video forms. Videos are uploaded on almost all digital platforms, whether social or official. However, there are no enough video editors for essential videos that require professionalism but at a lower cost.

If, as a teenager, you have video editing skills, you can earn easy money through editing such videos, which may require simple software skills.

  1. Get paid to walk

As a teenager, there are chances that you walk while going to classes, going out with friends, among other occasions where you choose walking as your primary means of transport. However, this may be an opportunity for you since you can convert each step you take to make easy and fast money.

There are initiatives by different companies like Sweatcoin, which advocate for healthy living and pay you for walking to keep fit. You only need a smartphone and earn cash and physical rewards for walking.

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